Africa DC&C Summit will discuss the key issues critical to the success of your organisation’s digital journey.

Don’t miss these hot topics:

[] Mobilizing Digital Africa with Data Centers

While Telecom Operators have deployed 3G and 4G networks covering a pretty large part of the continent, now that optical fiber network investment is booming in and across countries, it is time to develop the third Infrastructure leg of a Digital Economy: the Data Center Infrastructure.


[] Emerging Datacenter Vistas

The demand of new IT technology, combined with the need to reduce costs, has pushed data centers to the brink of a major transformation. This session will explore the new avenues and top trends, going forward.

  • Virtualization and cloud
  • Modular Datacenters / Edge DCs
  • HDD Vs SSD Solutions for improving DC efficiencies
  • Software defined architecture
  • Global trends – what your DC will look like 5 years from now

[] Agile and Resilient Infrastructure Tool-kit (Panel Discussion)

Infiltration of technologies like Big Data, Cloud based SAAS, BYOD, mobile computing, etc have made the Infrastructure heads deploy ‘Tool-kits’ based on Company size, desirable outcomes and budgets. The panel revolves around how IT heads can be digitally agile with existing infrastructure. CIOs will also delve on Bi-modal IT strategies and agile software development methodologies.

[] Going Green

Data centers have been known to be power guzzlers. In fact they are one of the major causes of greenhouse emissions. Africa’s climate in fact is hostile to running efficient data centers: the high average temperatures limit the amount of cooling that can be provided by outside air, so facilities usually have to resort to alternative, energy-intensive cooling systems. This session will cover data center efficiencies, best practices, cooling & power as well as inputs on advanced data centers.


[]  Panel Discussion:  How is the Data Center responding to IT transformation in Financial services?


[] Let’s Cloudify – Moving to Invisible Infrastructure

Most of us fret about migration to cloud because our application portfolio integrates different technologies and cloud deployment seems to be daunting. We also worry about security, governance and cost factors. This session is aimed at providing expert guidance to you about cloud deployment for you to make up your minds on whether you must migrate to cloud or discard cloud as a lot of vapor!


Looking specifically at cloud adoption in the small to medium enterprise market, a report by Xero indicates that although adoption is prevalent and small businesses using cloud are seeing the benefits, a whopping 56% of surveyed organisations are still not using the cloud. Furthermore, more than 40% have skipped cloud provisioning in their business plans for this year altogether. The likelihood is that many businesses are still unaware of the benefits of cloud and what it involves.

[] Efficient Cloud Data Management

Once you have decided to migrate to Cloud it’s important to understand how it can be more efficient, most secure and cost- efficient. This talk will focus on how organizations can take it to the next level

  • Efficient ways of managing data on cloud
  • Cloud based BI
  • Understanding DAAS
  • Analytics used for Cloud data management
  • Measuring performance



[] Banking on Cloud


Cloud will bring out a disruption in the business of banking. Most banks have been slow in cloud adoption due to lingering concerns around security of data and compliance related issues. But what about back-end processes where sensitive data is not involved? With some of the leading companies having employed Cloud evangelists on board and systemically moving to cloud, it is all set to revolutionize the banking industry. Can cloud eventually overshadow the on-premise Data Center?


[] Deconstructing the DC Vulnerabilities


After several malicious attacks against banking firms and ecommerce sectors, data centers are increasingly becoming the targets of cyber-attacks. What is the present state of Infosec in Data centers? How has IOT, Big Data, etc impacted Big Data security? The speaker will essentially throw light on how their solutions can address these issues and bridge the security gaps.


[] Revitalizing Business and deriving measurable organizational value from Cloud (Panel Discussion)


The near future will witness large enterprises from every conceivable industry transitioning their entire infrastructure and data eco-systems to cloud. The panelists will discuss on how they have benefitted, the concerns by those who are still hesitant and which models would be best suitable for the industry verticals.


[] Mobile Cloud Computing – An Enabler?


The demand for mobile cloud is at a rise as more and more companies are considering the option of leveraging mobile cloud in order to access company data on mobile devices. The mobile cloud computing market is expected to witness robust growth & will be worth $6 Billion worldwide if the demand pull from both enterprise & retail consumers continue. The challenges of mobile cloud computing are not just limited to bandwidth issues and security. There are a slew of technologies and enablers that can abate those issues. The speaker will take you through the platforms, services and technologies that would enable mobile cloud computing.